Faria’s heartbeat is inspired by the life journey of our founder, Sandra. Through her own experiences and challenges, Sandra has gained insights into what women truly need. Her journey has led her to create a space that embraces the diverse stories of all women, a space that understands and celebrates the uniqueness of each individual’s path. With a deep understanding of life’s twists and turns, Sandra has crafted Faria Lifestyle as a sanctuary where empowerment and connection flourish, nurturing the spirit, body, and mind.

Our philosophy is beautifully simple: we provide the space, and you choose the experience that resonates with you. Whether it’s joining our classes, one-on-one coaching sessions, purchasing your favorite crystal or simply enjoying a drink and relax in our coffee corner – the choice is up to you.


My name is Sandra Faria Delgado. I am 42 years old and I live in the heart of Rotterdam.

Through life experiences, I delved deeper into understanding women—their lack of self-love, and the way they view themselves.

Because I’ve experienced some challenges in life, I began exploring ways to regain strength and bring added value to myself and my existence. I’ve learned more about spirituality and gained knowledge about the positive effects of crystals.

My main goal is to inspire women by combining spirituality and fitness to make them feel balanced and empowered.